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Tumbling Blocks Quilt Pattern

by admin on April 25, 2012

encourage the development of innovative quilts from a traditional pattern. The intriguing Tumbling Block is the 2002 theme. Cube-Tumbling Blocks Quilt(q This quilt displays well and looks great on a bed or wall. It is really a piece of fabric art with this great tumbling baby blocks pattern. Most tumbling block quilts are associated with pastel fabrics and gifts for baby showers. Frost and Debbie Gordon who share a history lesson on the tumbling block pattern. Marci Baker demonstrates a tumbling block quilt.

Tumbling Blocks Quilt Pattern

  • The Tumbling Blocks quilt pattern uses light and dark fabrics in a repeated pattern to create the illusion of falling blocks.
  • Free tumbling block quilt patterns and quilt blocks.
  • Baby Tumbling Blocks Quilt Share Your Story: Your First Quilt.
  • I love this bright happy quilt! It’s an original design by Jennifer Arey of Baby Breath’s Quilts blog.
  • Jinny Beyer's Border Blocks quilt kit and quilt pattern combines her border print fabric with the traditional tumbling block pattern for a stunning design.
  • Tumbling block quilts are intricately detailed quilts that use many individual squares to form a larger pattern.

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