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Slip Stitch Patterns

by admin on October 17, 2012

Slip stitch needlework is used in a variety of patterns to create some decorative and attractive piece of work and clothing. I knitted a couple of cute looking hats following the slip stitch patterns in this book. This hat was an exploration of slip stitch. Most of the hat is slip stitch in the front loop only in rounds. Eskimo Mittens in Slip Stitch: This free pattern is posted at the Drops website. Slip-Stitch Colorwork, also known as Mosaic Knitting, is an easy way to create complex two-color patterns in knitted fabric. I'm more deeply hooked on this slip stitch ribbing than ever.

Slip Stitch Patterns

  • Approx 39” wide x 41” long . GAUGE . Gauge is not critical for this project.
  • Slip stitch knitting is a method of using slipped stitches for making two color designs.
  • It is very easy as you do not have to carry the yarn behind your work.
  • 1998) Slip-Stitch Knitting: Color Pattern the Easy Way, Interweave Press.
  • I'm REALLY behind on writing up some of my patterns, but here is one I just did that seems to be of interest to a few people.
  • Free Slip Stitch Crochet Patterns (Please note that the terminology for the stitches used in these patterns is variable.

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