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Patterns For Math

by admin on December 31, 2011

We decided to research the topic of patterns in the primary classroom for several reasons. Preschool ideas and activities for teaching patterns. These patterns in math are great for introducing and reviewing patterns with young children, especially in Kindergarten or first grade. Patterns worksheets and printables that help children practice key skills. Mathematics is especially useful when it helps you predict, and number patterns are all about prediction. Some math problems can be easy to solve, but others can be more difficult. One type of math problem that many people feel are fun to solve are math patterns.

Patterns For Math

  • Common Number Patterns Numbers can have interesting patterns.
  • Here we list the most common patterns and how they are made.
  • Free Math pattern worksheets for kids to identify the missing numbers in the sequences, drawing or coloring the next picture in sequence and more.
  • Fingerplays and active songs such as Patty Cake and Open Them, Shut Them introduce children to simple song patterns.
  • Pattern problems challenge students to look for patterns in data to determine a result.
  • Patterns, such as items that are repeated, often show up in math.

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