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Pattern Tie Dye

by admin on April 30, 2012

The Edge Tie-dye makes and sells original design tie-dye (tyedie) clothing for adults and children of all shapes and sizes. Tie Dye, as the name suggests is a process of dyeing fabrics after you tie them in a manner that gives beautiful designs on the material. Folding and practice are the keys to achieving the patterns you want when tie-dying. Once tied, pre-soak the fabric in soda ash to make the dye stick. Learn how to make tie dye bedsheets with tie dye patterns and instructions to dress up a dull and basic room. You can learn many more fun and interesting ways to design t-shirts by visiting the Rit Dye site. Tie Dye Catalog . Click on any style shirt to view that Tie Dye patterns in different colors and designs.

Pattern Tie Dye

  • Different folds will produce different tie dye folds patterns on your cloth.
  • Free Knitting Pattern at Jimmy Beans Wool – Diagonal Baby Blanket Pattern – Designed by Sandy Hussey for Jimmy Beans Wool.
  • Knitting from a pattern is one of the easiest ways to complete a knitted baby blanket.
  • Free Sunny Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern.
  • Of course this blanket can be knit in any color you please, but bright yellow brings an extra spark of joy and light.
  • Now you can create this beautiful free knitting pattern.

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