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Pattern Matching In Perl

by admin on January 31, 2012

Perl's built-in support for pattern matching lets you search large amounts of data conveniently and efficiently. Pattern matching enables you to search for and extract multiple matching patterns from a character string in one step. This program finds a match even though the pattern uses lowercase and the string uses uppercase because the /i option was used, telling Perl to ignore the case. Backtracking Up: Using Regular Expressions Previous: Using Regular Expressions Special pattern matching character operators. 2009/4/7 Conor Lillis : > > —–Original Message—– > From: activeperl-boun@listserv. I have a line of code that partialy works.

Pattern Matching In Perl

  • It does not work the way i want it! I do not want it to pick up any duplicate entries.
  • Now you have seen the basics of pattern matching and operation in the world of Perl programming.
  • A pattern is a sequence of characters to be searched for in a character string.
  • VERSION Maintainer: Steve Fink
  • com> Date: 19 Sep 2000 Mailing List: perl6-language@perl.
  • ” – I truly believe that this statement is no exaggeration.

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