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Long Loom Patterns

by admin on July 12, 2012

It is possible to knit a hat or a tube knit project on a long loom by knitting around the loom in a circular pattern, but long looms are better suited for flat knits. The Knifty Knitter loom patterns are comparable to hand-knitted work. Best Answer: This is the link for the knifty knitter loom. There are free patterns for the looms on the link below. stumbled on site after long and fruitless search of pattern, directions and such for new loom. This free knitting pattern uses a Knifty Knitter II long loom. Includes: • Accordion jar cozy pattern • More free patterns for looms • A you to sign up for a free account before you can view the pattern.

Long Loom Patterns

  • All the KK instructors will be doing demonstrations on the long loom set, making this purse.
  • Long looms like this can be more compact than the round ones.
  • They also let you knit so that the same pattern shows on both the front and back.
  • Instructions | Patterns | Long Loom Info | Freebies | New Arrivals | Find patterns designed specifically for knitting looms, both round and straight.
  • This book was several years in the making, and all the projects use the double knit technique.
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