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Free Tea Cosy Patterns

by admin on October 6, 2011

This simple tea cozy is worked in the popcorn stitch with size G6 crochet hook and medium weight yarn. Free Knitting Pattern: Knitted Tea Cosy from 1937. Knitted Tea Cosy from Madame Weigel's Cushions and Cosies Volume 6 1937. Free knitting pattern for a tea cozy at Craftown and many more free knit patterns. Coats Crafts have got a new website and are making available a number of free knitting patterns to download. I would very much like to make the tent tea cozy, and I assume that the pattern must be available now, given that it is November 2011. Lily Sugarn Cream provides knitters and crocheters with high quality 100% cotton yarns and creative patterns.

Free Tea Cosy Patterns

  • Afternoon tea wouldn't be complete without a tea cozy to keep your pot warm.
  • Here are links to dozens of tea cozy knitting patterns.
  • Free crochet pattern for a cat tea cozy and hundreds of other free patterns and projects available at Craftown.
  • Knitty is a free web-only knitting magazine with a sense of humor.
  • If you like your tea piping hot from a teapot, consider making a tea cozy.
  • Knit this adorable tea cozy with this free knitting pattern.

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