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Free Knitting Slippers Patterns

by admin on August 31, 2012

I didn't design the slippers, this is a classic pattern that has been around for ages. Knit a pair of slippers for anyone by adjusting the length. An easy pattern to knit for beginners and experienced knitters, with ideas for decorative trims. Free knitting pattern for easy slippers with cuffs. Make these super cute slippers and lounge around the house. Grandma's Knitted Slippers make for a great gift too! It's a free knitting pattern that everyone will love. Choose from an array of easy to knit patterns for men, women, and children.

Free Knitting Slippers Patterns

  • A free knitting pattern slipper with a thick double sole for men or women.
  • Free and easy slipper knitting patterns for double thick soles knitted on a loom.
  • Patterns can be found just about any place online.
  • FREE crocheted patterns, warm winter patterns, Free hat patterns, free Aunt Maggie's Knit Slippers (K) my Aunt Maggie knitted many pairs of these great slippers.
  • Hello, I wanted to let you know that I've added a few of your projects and thumbnails to our site, AllFreeKnitting.
  • Free knitting pattern with instructions on how to knit striped slippers, with a photo of the finished slippers.

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