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Etched Pattern Glass

by admin on June 5, 2012

To purchase, call the Des Moines Brass Armadillo Antique Mall Phone: 1-800-775-2140. Pretty Glass Rose Bowl with Etched Floral Design. This is a very good quality glass small rose bowl with an etched cosmos flower. Here are some ideas for glass etching patterns to give for gifts, weddings, birthdays, or It can also be drawn on, the design properly protected, and then etched. I have been looking for any information on this pattern. It came from my grandparents estate and I received 2 peices when my mother passed away. Discover deals up to 80% off on the latest Vintage Etched Glass Patterns styles at Beso.

Etched Pattern Glass

  • Get your free patterns and stencil designs here for your glass etching projects.
  • No need to invest and buy basic patterns, just download them here.
  • Our etched glass stencil designs are probably the finest detailed that you will find multistage sandblast etching, painting wall murals and stained glass patterns.
  • Cambridge Glass Photo Pattern Identification Guide.
  • Cambridge Glass made so many patterns Cambridge sold Decagon plain and with several etched patterns.
  • Is it possible to delete a pattern from an engraved glass window? We have two panes of our front door everyone has a decorative floral etched on the glass.

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