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Decorator Pattern Design

by admin on October 19, 2012

The 2010 film, “Repo Men” is about a dark future where body parts are purchased much like homes. The decorator pattern is a design pattern that extends the functionality of individual objects by wrapping them with one or more decorator classes. Includes: finding designs by web search, use patterns, search picture galleries, and more free cake designs. One class takes in another class, both of which extend the same abstract class, and adds functionality. the decorator pattern you are here 4 95 Writing the Starbuzz code It’s time to whip this design into some real code. Design Here is the UML diagram of the Decorator pattern followed by a description of the various involved components. The decorator pattern provides us with a mechanism for adding functionality to objects at runtime, as an alternative mechanism to creating additional child classes.

Decorator Pattern Design

  • I generally think of the Decorator as "adding" to some thing, where as Chain of Responsiblity is more like handling something thing.
  • The Decorator design pattern lets you attach responsibilities to objects at runtime.
  • This pattern proves more flexible than inheritance, which is static.
  • The major feature of the design pattern is the curving reference (an aggregate relationship) from the Decorator to the Component.
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