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Brush Pattern Illustrator

by admin on November 30, 2011

In this tutorial I will explain pattern brushes in Illustrator. Creating pattern brushes can save time and is a great technique to add to your design skills. These are several brush patterns I created for Illustrator. The first one was drawn to match the built in bitmap border that has been available in Quark for years. One look at a Bert Monroy image and you will immediately recognize the intricacy and rich realism of his style of illustration. Photoshop Brushes and Design Goods This is a free set of eight Adobe Illustrator Swatch Patterns. Use the design as a quick way of making a frame.

Brush Pattern Illustrator

  • Select a square or circle design and apply the stroke to obtain an instant frame design.
  • Pattern Brushes in Illustrator are a great way to create complicated designs in no time.
  • To date, more and more professional designers are into creating their own Photoshop or Illustrator brushes and patterns that they can use and share to the design community.
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  • com In this tutorial we will learn how to create new patter brush in illustrator.
  • Users of Adobe Illustrator can create complex patterns made of simple tiles, and also have an incredible amount of brush shapes to work with.

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