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Broken Star Quilt Pattern

by admin on March 8, 2012

Free broken star quilt pattern thangles Download at WareSeeker. Star Amish Quilt patterns reflect the love and awe of the Plain People. Quick Lemoyne Star, Broken Star & Snow Crystal Quilt Patterns – using the Fast 2 Cut Fussy Cutter 45 rulers. Warm country appeal abounds in this classic broken star Megan Star print quilt is a classic star pattern. Each diamond block can further be broken down to individual rows of smaller different approaches to cutting and piecing fabric shapes for a Lone Star quilt. What a beautiful broken star quilt – lovely colours and the quilting is just I started this pattern for a quilt a few years ago and now have lost my pattern. The pattern is a ‘variable star’, but with newer methods for construction, you’ll be able to create this wonderful wallhanging without using templates.

Broken Star Quilt Pattern

  • The Lone Star quilt block is likely one of the most recognizable quilt patterns to then it is called a Broken Star.
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  • In the quilting world, the Star of Bethlehem is one of the oldest and most familiar of all the traditional quilt patterns.
  • This design incorporates two of the oldest quilt patterns, the Broken Star and the Mariner's Compass, with elements of a relatively new pattern, the Spin Star.

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